Dogzstar Nightclub Istanbul

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Dogzstar is a lively, fun venue in istanbul where one can jump and dance around to rock bands like Ayyuka or Astro (Hiroshi Hasegawa) who take the stage. You may even get a chance to meet members of Turkish bands like Mor ve tesi and Sakin.

The small stage of this popular nightclub is always busy, featuring a variety of musical acts from Istanbul and around Europe.  Expect a crowds of devoted fans and a dark, warm atmosphere.  Live jazz is popular and so are indie rock bands and other eclectic artists. 

It may be small, but Dogzstar proves that size doesn’t matter: this diminutive club in Beyoglu has garnered quite a reputation. Although owners Koray and Kutayare planning to relocate to a bigger venue, but we’re glad they didn’t: the laid-back, let-loose, neo-punk vibe here packs a punch. It can get a little cramped, but it’s a good place to boogie, thanks to resident DJ Ari.

Dogzstar opened in 2004, since then Dogzstar hosted the electronic and alternative culture and countless DJ’s and artist in the new location. They preserve the original line to the visitors from the mainstream and continue to offer alternative entertainment.

Dogzstar brings a new sense of fun to Beyoglu, and took intense interest in the alternative demand for culture, and has become the meeting point of a lot of local and international artists, writers, musicians, listeners and followers.

Jump and dance around to rock music at Dogzstar

Kartal Sokak 3, Istanbul, Turkey
+90 212 244 91 47 / +90 212 244 91 48

For more info visit www.dogzstar.com

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