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Happily Ever After started out in 2004 as a tiny café in Bebek serving cupcakes and breakfast. Today the charming establishment has evolved into a major restaurant and a breakfast mecca. The café still specializes in baked goods and brunch, but also includes seafood and meat dishes on its extended menu, along with wine selections. With its facelift, the restaurant proves that living happily ever after in Bebek is indeed possible.

Located between Starbucks and Café Nero in the heart of Bebek, HEA was originally open only until 4 p.m. and did not even have a restroom. But then owner Ayţe Kucurođlu and her team bought the space next door.

The secret of this little spot is no doubt its location, across from the legendary Lucca Café and the price is also right for the local Bebek elites and café lovers. The new, “Americanized” menu includes all-day breakfast as well as tuna tartare and other seafood dishes, quesadillas and a variety of pizzas.

The style pioneered in Istanbul by the House Café, with large wooden communal tables and exposed brick walls painted white, is currently in vogue. The interior of Happily Ever After has a lovely view of the Bosphorus.

Happily Ever After is famous for its breakfast specials, including omelets with “happy” sauces, a variety of crispy granola cereals served with yogurt or soy milk and fresh fruit, pancakes (just like in the U.S.!) and sweet cupcakes made fresh daily.

Happily Ever After’s New York-trained chef, Burcu Esin, has created a new menu for Istanbul diners. Highlights include seafood platters, such as the salmon sashimi starter, the salmon tacos and the tuna tartare – as a main dish or a starter. Also there are more than 20 different types of wines to accompany your meals.

For dessert, the banana pudding, an American classic with creamy pudding and fresh slices of bananas, is a must-try.

Happily Ever After address:
Cevdet Paţa Caddesi 24
Bebek – Istanbul

Tel: (0212) 263 41 38

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