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Although Denizli is not by the coast, Denizli means "a locality by the sea". The name must have referred to the abundance of underground water sources.

Denizli is a rapidly growing industrial (especially textile) and touristic town with numerous beauties.

pamukkaleBeing a fertile region, the city has always been a center of cradle of civilizations succeeding one another. Luvians, Phrygians, Persians, Greeks and Romans are counted among the early civilizations; the later ones include the Byzantines, Seljuk and the Ottomans.

Denizli’s popular site Pamukkale is a must-see natural thermal water source and a unique in the world with its calcareous white steps. The ancient sites Laodicea, Tripolis, Hierapolis, Colossae, Eumania, Heraklia Salbace, Tabae, Dionysopolis, Apollon Lermenos Temple, Sebatopolis, Anava, Trapezopolis, Attuda, and Apollonia Salbace are also inside the borders of Denizli city.


Pamukkale travertine is a type of limestone deposited at the mouth of the spring. Thermal sources on an important fault line of western Anatolia in Pamukkale are warmed up by subterranean heat and come out at 33-36 C. The water contains calcium hydro carbonate. Tectonic movements triggered frequent earthquakes in this area and gave rise to the emergence of a number of very hot springs. The water from these springs created Pamukkale with its large mineral content. When the hot water is in touch with the carbon dioxide, it starts to lose its warmth and also the carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are released in to the air. As a result the calcium carbonate is precipitated. So the water forms magnificent viewed travertine.

There is a high amount of calcium and carbon dioxide in the combination of the water. The chemical reaction from the start to the end is:

Ca (HCO3)2 >> CaCO3 + CO2 + H2O

Water channels carry water which comes out of the ground arrives to the terraces. But before water channels were built, water used to reach travertine by natural channels formed by running warm water. Because of the calcium in water, objects such as branch of a tree or a stone piece left in the flowing water are whitened in a short time.

According to the theocratic researches, flowing water can whiten approximately 4.9 km2 with 1 mm deposit. Running of the water in the same area for 14000 years, causes moss in travertine and spoil the whiteness.


There was a young girl who was unmarried and ugly. As no one wanted to marry her, she decided to commit suicide and she threw herself off the travertine and fell into a natural pool but did not die. Because of the water in the natural pool she turned into a very beautiful girl and caught the attraction of the lord of Denizli while he was passing by. At that moment, the lord fell in love with this young and beautiful girl and they soon got married.

So, in addition to the curing effects of the water, people also believe in the beautifying power of the water. As the water is useful, this land has been a place where people visit periodically for beauty and health since the ancient times. So the reason for Pamukkale to be an attractive place is not only the natural travertine, but also the healing waters.

The mineral water of Pamukkale helps recovering the high blood pressure, kidney stones, stroke, rheumatism, nervous and physical exhaustion, eye and skin diseases, circulatory problems, digestive maladies, nutritional disorders and chronic disorders. Pamukkale became a spa resort today and the center of a pagan cult in antiquity.


Pamukkale is located in Aegean region of Turkey but far from Aegean Sea. Aegean Coastal plain has mild climate, warm winters, sunny autums, springs and hot summers. Inland part of Aegean Region is cooler than seaside.

Mountains in this region are perpendicular to the Aegean Sea so interior part is open to winds coming from sea. Winters are mild, even in January and February sometimes it is sunny and pleasant, but mostly rainy just sometimes snowy. For visiting and exploring Hierapolis in Pamukkale autumn and spring are the most inviting months.

Where To Stay?

There are various kinds of accommodation choices ranging from 1 to 5 star hotels and aparts both in Pamukkale region and in Denizli city. Most of the luxury hotels in Pamukkale ( Karahayit district) have their own thermal pools and some hotels bring the thermal water into the guest rooms’ bathroom with seperate channels. You may prefer to stay in Karahayit district for those thermal hotels, otherwise the distance between Denizli and Pamukkale ( Karahayit) is only 20 km (12 miles).

Pamukkale Festivals

Honaz Cherry Festival Honaz the last Monday of May or the first Monday of June

Civril Culture and Apple Festival 17 September / DENİZLİ

Akalan Melon Watermelon Festival 3 -9 September / DENİZLİ

Buldan Yenicekent Sultaniye Seedless Grape Festival 2 -8 July / DENİZLİ

International Pamukkale Music and Culture Festival 1 -30 September / DENİZLİ

Acipayam Culture Festival 29-31 August / DENİZLİ

Yesilyuva Shoemakers and Friendship Festival 17-19 July / DENİZLİ

Pepper Festival 1 -31 July / DENİZLİ

Honaz Cherry Festival 10-11 June / DENİZLİ

Yenicekent Grape Festival Yenicekent / Buldan Last week of July


By Air, Denizli airport is about 45 min. drive from the city. There is direct flight almost every day from Istanbul usually in the morning and back to Istanbul in the evening.

By train, one of the main lines of the national train system passes through Denizli.

By car, Driving time to the capital city (Ankara) is app. 7 hours. Driving time to Izmir is app. 3 hours.

By bus, There is coach to almost everywhere in the country from the main bus station of Denizli.

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