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In history Fethiye was known as the "Untouched Virgin of the Lands Lights" and today it is as if all the magnificence of the entire Mediterranean was concentrated in the bay of Fethiye : Its islands ,coves, long sandy beaches, and the entire riches of its history and natural beauty are before yopu to explore .With its excellent seas, highly developed facilities, and entertainment beyond belief, it is a paradise that caters to your possible requirement for remarkable holiday. The most impressive ancients ruins, the best sites for pragliding and water sports, most magnificent bays and beaches come together at Fethiye, along with mouth watering gastronomy.

Fethiye is a traditional market town set around a beautiful natural harbour. It is a large centre for scuba diving. Boats depart from here for day trips around the stunning coastline. The most popular boat trip is the twelve islands boat trip, which is an extremely relaxing way to spend the day, touring the beautiful coves and islands of the Gulf of Fethiye, with breaks for lunch and swimming. Life here continues all year around, and recently, many British nationals have chosen to make this relaxed area their home. There are a number of hotels in the town itself, which mostly attract older couples, who enjoy the traditional lifestyle and also like the fact that it is flat and easy to get around. There is a greater variety of shops in the narrow streets of the bazaar area, Paspatour, offering more competitive prices than those in any of the resorts. This area is also lively in the evening with a multitude of Turkish bars and live music. There is no beach in Fethiye itself although there are hotels which have access to the sea for swimming. Once the site of Telmessos, all that remains from this ancient city, are the Lycian rock tombs which overlook the modern town, a couple of Lycian sarcophagi and a small Roman theatre.


Ölüdeniz is the archetypal picture-postcard beach backed by dramatic pine-clad hills. Literally translated as 'dead sea', the stunning lagoon is a protected area, ensuring that its natural beauty is preserved. There is a small entrance charge to use the lagoon beach and only non-motorised watersports are allowed. The main resort beach is a long stretch of coarse sand and shingle beach known as Belceğiz. Most of the houses, built in the traditional local Muğla style, are set back from the beachfront. There is a strip alongside the seafront promenade with a number of relaxing bars and restaurants, serving local and international cuisine. Shops stay open well into the night. It is a perfect family resort, great for a laid-back beach holiday, with plenty of facilities but not too much development. Boats depart from the bay for trips around the surrounding coast. Paragliding is a big draw with the descent from the Babadağ mountains to land on Belceğiz beach, rating as one of the best in the world.


Fifteen years ago there were only a few houses here but now it is a lively resort in its own right. Due to the planning restrictions and lack of space to expand in Ölüdeniz itself, many holidaymakers now stay in this lively village. It is in a stunning location, surrounded by stunning pine-clad mountains, and hotels are all built in the local style, low rise, mostly with rooms set in villa-style blocks and decorative wooden balconies. The beach of Ölüdeniz is just a short dolmush ride away (approx. 15 minutes), and the town of Fethiye is also very close, approximately the same distance away in the opposite direction. You can, however, easily spend your time in Hisarönü , lazing by the pool, and venturing out at the night to sample international or local fare in one of the many restaurants or visit its lively bars playing music well into the early hours. There are plenty of shops with a wider range on offer than in Ölüdeniz itself.


Just a short distance from Hisarönü, is the newer resort area of Ovacık, which is essentially a collection of hotels and apartment buildings, blending in with the stunning mountain scenery. It is more peaceful than its neighbour, and all facilities are in the centre of Hisarönü just a short walk or dolmuş ride away. Ovacık makes a good base for those who want to walk in the surrounding countryside.

Çalış Beach
The nearest beach to Fethiye is Çalış beach, a pebble and coarse sand beach in a beatiful setting, which can be reached by boat or dolmuş from the town center. The seafront promenade with its hotels and restaurants is closed to traffic during the summer, making it safe for children. The resort has expanded around the beach, and has a relaxed feel popular with families and older couples.


One of the highlights of a stay in this area is a visit to the eerie ghost town of Kayaköy, literally 'stone village'. Once the Greek town of Karmylassos, it was abandoned in the 1920's. It has recently been the subject of renewed interest as it features as the setting for Louis de Bernières novel, 'Birds without Wings' which provides a fascinating insight into life here and the period of dramatic social change which took place in the time leading up to the foundation of the Republic of Turkey. There are around 400 houses here together with churches and other public buildings. It can be visited by dolmush on foot from Hisarönü or even on horse-back.


Göcek is popular with yacthing types who come here for its excellent marina. It is a charming resort with a range of sophisticated hotels and upmarket restaurants and boutiques.

Saklıkent Gorge

Known in Turkish as the 'hidden city' Saklıkent is a stunning mountain gorge some 44 kms from Fethiye, a narrow opening stretching an incredible 18 kms into the rockface of Mount Akdağ. A wooden walkway has been constructed above the icy cold waters of the mountain springs of Gökçesu and Ulupınar. If you are feeling particularly brave you can take a dip here, but otherwise the waterside cafes provide a relaxing break and a chance to enjoy the spectacular setting

Fethiye Beaches

Fethiye Beaches

Ölüdeniz (Blue Lagoon)
Ölüdeniz, described as 'the Eden bestowed by God to the World', has a 3 km long beach. One can appreciate fully the beauty of swimming in a colour harmony of light and dark blue combined with light and dark green. Having an appearance of naturally lagoon with its tepid and standing water during ten months of the year, Ölüdeniz is one of the most preferred destinations by both local and foreign tourists.

Kumburnu separates Ölüdeniz from Belcekız Beach which is at the distance of 14 km from Fethiye. There are many boarding-houses, camps, motels and restaurants that are open during each season of the year.

Kıdrak with its sandy beaches surrounded by pine trees and crystal clear water is at a distance of 3 km from Ölüdeniz and Belcekız Beach.

Sweet coastal village at the end of Kıdrak road, is a resort place for wanderers with its wild nature, appropriate climate, friendly people and its attractiveness.

Kelebekler Valley (Butterfly Valley)
At a distance of 5-7 km from Ölüdeniz, this interesting canyon is surrounded by approximately 350 meter high mountains. It takes its name from the butterflies called as 'Jarsey Tiger' and seen between June and September. Transportation to the bay, being an Earth Eden with its waterfall flows both in summer and winter, large beach, clear water, brightly shining pebbles and oleanders decorating the environs, is provided by boats from Ölüdeniz.

Possibilities like a camping area with tent sites, restaurant, bar, shower cabinets, changing cubicles, etc. are offered in the valley which is the meeting place of world wanderers.

Saklıkent (Hidden City)
It is 50 km from Fethiye, next to the Karaçay Brook which forms the province borders of Muğla-Antalya. It is a unique natural wonder hiding within a 18 km long magnificent canyon of which height reaches to 600 meter in some places. With its steep rock cliffs, plane trees, clearly flowing spring waters, it is a unique tourism centre which offers possibilities for nature lovers such as mountaineering, trekking and swimming.

Yakapark, formed by the nature of human labour and creativity, is a unique recreation spot where you will experience memorable moments in a mysterious atmosphere with bird sings and sound of water. It can easily be accessed via 2 km road from Yaka Village.

It is 30 km far from Fethiye on Fethiye-Muğla highway. Having an appearance of a small charming fisherman town, Göcek has recently become one of the important centres of yacht tourism. Besides its natural harbour, it is a unique tourism heaven with its numerous islands and bays, ruin places and pine forested hills. The town with its marina and increased number of modern facilities, is at a distance of 20 km from Dalaman Airport.

Because of being one the important resort places of Blue Voyagers, the region is named as 'Inside the Darkness' by fishermen. It is consisted of islands and Kapıdağı Peninsula adorned with numerous beautiful bays. Yassıca Islands, Hamam Bay, Kurşunlu Bay, Yavansu, Bedri RahmiBay, Tersane Island, Göbün Bay, Boynuzbükü, Göcek Island, Domuz Island, Zeytin Island, Kızıl Island, reached via daily tours from Fethiye and Göcek, are also named as "12 Islands" within the region.

Oyuktepe Bays
Besides two big holiday villages of the district, there are also natural bays namely Mempaşa, Küçük Samanlık, Boncuklu, Kuleli, Aksazlar, Akvaryum, Turunç Pınarı on the peninsula to where local people have daily tours.

Katrancı Bay
It is 17 km far from Fethiye on Muğla-Fethiye highway. With its frequent pine trees stretching to the sea, the bay displays a beautiful harmony of blue and green. In the bay, there is a forest resting area offering the services of car park, buffet, shower cabinet and toilet. It is an ideal excursion place and a camping area with tent sites.

Günlük (Küçük Kargı)
The bay is at a distance of 18 km from Fethiye on the Muğla highway, and is ornamented with rarely seen sweetgum trees having a nice smell. The daily excretion of sweetgum trees is used in the treatment of itchiness, asthma, bronchitis, ulcer and gastric diseases. It is also used in the industry of perfumery.

Çalış Beach
Being one of the popular places of the district in respect of tourism, Çalış Beach is 5 km from the district centre, opposite of the Şovalye Island. Along the 4 km long beach, there are hotels, boarding-houses, camp sites and restaurants. The Beach is well known as one of the incubation areas of the sea turtles, Caretta Carettas. It is also one of the favourite places to view the sunset and play water sports.

Hisarönü - Ovacık
These two typical Turkish villages in Ölüdeniz (Blue Lagoon) have recently become shopping and entertainment centres providing accommodation. At present, these villages near draw the attention of especially foreign tourists.

Shopping in Fethiye
The shopping venues in the centre are Balikpazari (Fish market) and Paspatur Market. There you may find any thing you like from hand woven textiles to pieces of art, from clothing items to reasonably priced groceries. The Tuesday Market of Fethiye is a must for shopping enthusiasts. There you can find fresh products as well as gift items, and household goods. Similar markets operate in Gunlukbasi and Gocek on Sundays and in Hisaronii on Mondays. Hisaronu has lots of stalls and shops squeezed between bars and restaurants selling small gift items, carpets, leather goods, and jewellery.

Fethiye - Activities and Sports

Interest in paragliding, being performed by 6 travel agencies from the top of 1975 meters high Mount Babadağ in Fethiye, has been increasing day by day all over the world. Because of its rich and spread thermal points, characteristic of flying ascending after jumping, vegetation diversity in the environs, beautiful scenery of Ölüdeniz (Blue Lagoon), slight slope to the sea and many more reasons like these, Babadağ is a paragliding centre unrivalled in the region.

Scuba Diving
Diving tours are being organised by many diving training centres and clubs in Fethiye.

Rafting and Canoe trips in Eşen and Dalaman brooks are being organised by travel agencies.


Trekking on the 504-kilometre long Lycian Way has become popular in recent years and it is quite an experience. The network of paths connecting Lycian cities during antiquity is known as "Lycian Way". The trekking route starts from Fethiye, and crossing settlements of antiquity such as Faralya, Dodurga, Pinara, Letoon, and Xanthos, leaves the county boundaries to continue in the counties of Ka§ and Kemer connecting several Lycian sites and mountain top villages. The route reaches to Antalya. Trekking is a unique opportunity to learn the rich flora of Fethiye. The jeep safari and quad bike tours to the ruins and natural beauty spots may remain the happiest memories of your holiday.

Fethiye - Eating and Entertainment

The staple of the local cuisine, spiced with the herbs and greens of the Aegean and Mediterranean, is fish. Many of the local herb and wild plants of Fethiye and its environs are used in dishes. Some of them are kiyisak, labada (dock), kormen, gavirotu, ebegumeci (mallow), turpotu (wild raddish), gimkisak, nunii, inek memesi, ecibici, devetabani (foalfoot), esek turpu, kayazak (sickle weed) and kokulu ot. These herbs and wild plants are sauteed in cooking oil with onions, and served cold with tomato paste and ground pepper. The Balikpazan (Fish Market) is the place at the centre where you can find most variety in sea food and fishes. You buy your fish or crustaceans from the stalls of the market, and small fish restaurants are happy to prepare them for you in consideration of a small charge. There are fish and grilled meat restaurants in Paspatur Market. The Paspatur Stream, where ducks play their antics under the thick shade of the large trees, makes your time at those restaurants quite enjoyable. Another option is to have an al fresco dinner in one of the restaurants sited along the beach while enjoying the sunset.

Hisaronu and Oludeniz serve international cuisine as an alternative to the traditional Turkish cuisine. Eating a few gozlemes in small restaurants and stalls lining the roads around Saklikent is also a pleasure. In small and large restaurants of Yakakoy the main speciality is wild trout fried in butter. Moreover, you could catch your own fish from the pond.

The bars and discos situated in the Paspatur Market in the centre of Fethiye present varied options catering to all styles and alternatives. Also you may have a drink or two in one of the bars and restaurants sited along the Calis Beach during the sunset to get rid of the tiredness of the day and get yourself invigorated for the live music performance of the night. You may also enjoy traditional Turkish music performances in a wool tent erected towards the Fethiye end of the beach. Hisaronu is mainly frequented by foreign visitors and has entertainment lasting till sunrise. Belcekiz Beach of Oludeniz is a nice place to sit in the fading light and watch paragliders coming down from Babadag, preparing you for a remarkable evening.

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